Broadcast Email Technology

One of the most powerful uses of the Web is its ability to communicate, disseminate and share information. Basically, getting the message out – whatever it is. The first and still one of the best technologies developed is email. Unfortunately, this is no longer a secret and people are flooded with emails everyday.

Email recipients have become very selective about whom they want to hear from, how often they want to hear and what they want to hear about. You should make sure your system lets people “opt in” (ask to receive emails) to get your emails, and even more specifically, what type of emails. If you start sending emails and people are “opting out” (ask to stop receiving your emails) at a high rate, you should evaluate the content and the frequency. Your content should be relevant to what they expect to hear from you, and it shouldn’t be sent more than what was promised.

The secret is to build your email database and conduct effective e-marketing campaigns using professional email systems.

What to look for in a professional broadcast email provider:
  • Tools to create professional-looking e-mail newsletters, solicitations or constituent alerts
  • Instant reporting on opens, bounce-backs, links clicked and other critical measures
  • Customizable visitor website signup form
  • Easily import names and e-mail addresses from any file
  • Templates that enable anyone without graphical ability to create and send appealing e-mail newsletters, solicitations or constituent alerts
  • Hosts and manages your e-mail database (including un-subscribes and bounces)
  • Automatically formats for HTML and Text
  • Meet the CAN-SPAM requirements
  • A team devoted to maintaining good relationships with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) so your organization’s emails are “white-listed” – meaning they are not blocked as SPAM.
  • Affordable rates that allow you send as many messages as you want.
  • The ability for recipients to “opt-in” and “opt-out” so they receive the communications they want to receive.
  • If you send email on various topics, the ability to have them select which topics they want to hear about.